Ascend your healing gifts by amplifying the power of sound and vibration in your energy healing practice.

With the Sound Reiki Practitioner Certification you'll...
  • Activate your intuitive GPS and find a client's energy blocks in less than 5 minutes.

  • Receive step-by-step guides to identify and remove energy cords from your clients.

  • Receive an introduction to your SoulChild®, the key to healing your limiting beliefs.

  • Learn fast and easy techniques that complement any other energy healing systems that you use.

  • Access powerful Divine Light healing frequencies for distance healing.

  • Create a sound healing practice that you can do from home or anywhere.

  • Learn how to quickly transmute low vibration energy into high vibration energy - aligning and balancing your clients to the high vibration essential for clarity, calmness and confidence.

  • Have life-time access! You can review or redo the latest Sound Reiki Practitioner Certification program for free, as long as the program exists.

  • Begin the on-line video program today and activate the powerful healing techniques of Sound Reiki Level 2.


Sound Reiki® Practitioner
LEVEL 2 Certification Program

Program Overview

Module 1 – Clearing Attachments & Aligning to Divine Light Frequency for Others - Part 1

In these next two modules, you are now applying what you learned in the Sound Reiki Level One Self-Healing program.  Get ready to practice!   During this interactive Zoom Class you will observe and participate in a client healing from start to finish.

Catherine will demonstrate how to do an energy clearing with a student volunteer. Using muscle testing, Catherine will show you how to identify the energy cords affecting the subject and then how to release the cords and balance their chakras in one intention. 

Everyone in the class will muscle test along with Catherine throughout the Sound Reiki healing session and participate in placing the intentions and toning to align the subject to the vibration of 100% Divine Love and Light.

Module 2 – Clearing Attachments & Aligning to Divine Light Frequency for Others - Part 2

Now, let’s take your healing abilities to another level! In this experiential Zoom Class, YOU will be doing the healing. Catherine will again select a student volunteer who will be the “client” for healing. Students will be identifying energy cords on our client with Catherine’s guidance.

The class, as a group, will be clearing, and aligning and balancing the energy for our client, balancing their chakras and completing the grounding just as you would do in a healing session for any client, friend, or family member. As a group, you will place the healing intentions and tone to align the subject to the vibration of 100% Divine Love and Light. 

Module 3 – Uncovering Limiting Beliefs, Introduction to SoulChild® Healing 

In this module, you will be receiving an introduction to the concept of the SoulChild by creator Catherine Varga.  

The SoulChild connection is your key to healing limiting beliefs. Working with your SoulChild is about personal power.  The kind of power fueling your self-confidence, your ability to love and trust yourself and others fully, your faith in yourself and manifesting your desires. 

Are your important life choices being made from a place of fear, anger or hurt? 

Imagine the benefits of knowing who taught you that?  

Did you know that you are naturally programmed to learn independence at age five? Or about relationships at twelve? 

Learn about a unique and Divine part of you, your SoulChild, that is naturally programmed to assist you during childhood.    

We will conclude with a SoulChild Alignment meditation.

Module 4 – How to Conduct a Healing Session and Attunement

In the final module, you will be shown the step by step process of how to work with the energy of others.  This workshop will cover what you need to do to prepare for, conduct, and conclude a Sound Reiki Healing Session. 

We will discuss how to determine a client’s primary areas for healing before your session.

The Sound Reiki Practitioner Attunement will activate your access to advanced healing energy and your ability to receive and transmit Sound Reiki healing tones, activating the healer within.

Here’s how Sound Reiki Practitioner Certification Online works!


  • All video lessons and notes for the Sound Reiki Self-Healing Certification are accessible immediately, so you can dive right in and do the Sound Reiki Level 2 Practitioner training at your own pace.

  • Each Module consists of 60 - 90 minutes of videos and comprehensive class notes. Each Module builds on the previous one and must be completed in order to move on to the next.

  • The Program also includes a powerful Attunement video and step-by-step instructions on “How to do a Sound Reiki Self-Healing Session for others”.

  • If you have any questions please contact us at [email protected]

What Graduates Are Saying About the

Sound Reiki Certification Program

I'm in love with Sound Reiki !

Diane Pascos, Women's Life Coach & Sound Reiki Master

I'm able to balance my chakras and increase my vibration within minutes opposed to when I use other energy healing modalities.

Sound Reiki provided me with a new language and tools of empowerment that I have the ability to access when needed.

Judith Robuliak, Visual Storyteller & Photographer, JLR Expressions, Sound Reiki Practitioner

I signed up for Sound Reiki lessons with Catherine and Heather. Could I learn the power of Sound Reiki? What would my voice sound like? Catherine and Heather provided the clear instruction and support that empowered me with a tool, a new way to explore my spirituality and healing. It came with ease under their instruction.

A life-changing program!

Jennifer Azzopardi, Sound Reiki Master

I took Sound Reiki because very challenging difficulties led me to seek out new possibilities. Sound Reiki provided me with personal insight into the matters and learning to discover the intuitive side of myself helped me view most of my problems in a very crystal-clear way. Catherine and Heather are highly intuitive and knowledgeable. Plus, they both have winning, beautiful personalities. If you are considering taking Sound Reiki don't hesitate a moment - go for it! It is a wonderful experience and you most probably will also find it a life-changing program!

Sound Reiki has changed my life in the most wonderful way!

Désirée, Sound Reiki Master

Both Heather and Catherine are exceptional teachers that are continuously building a beautiful community of amazing healers. They are so awesome at sharing their unique gifts and talents. They are a dream team of uplifting and inspirational women! For me, the Sound Reiki Institute is a space of healing and learning on levels I never imagined possible. THANK YOU! ~Désirée

Thank you for facilitating the next step on my journey!

Catherine, Sound Reiki & Usui Reiki Master,

Thank you Heather & Catherine. You are and have been an inspiration to many. A beacon of light. I am appreciative of all you do.

Learn advanced vibrational sound healing techniques

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your satisfaction with the Sound Reiki Institute and this course is our highest priority! 

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee so that you can sample the course risk-free.

Sign up today, complete the first two modules, and if you’re not happy with what you’re learning, you can request a full refund within the first 30 days of the program.  We’ll gladly refund your investment in the program.

Still Have Questions?

  • Will there be support during the program?

    Absolutely! Join our private Sound Reiki Power Healers Facebook Group for all course participants. We will answer any questions you have there. This community will support you in sharing experiences and insights and engaging in discussions with others on the same transformational journey.

  • Is there a prerequisite to take the Sound Reiki Level 2 course?

    The only prerequisite is SOUND REIKI LEVEL 1.

  • How long does it take to do this program?

    You can complete the program in approximately 6 hours. You benefit instantly as you take each workshop. Proficiency comes with practice and you will continue to grow into your mastery as you practice the techniques.

  • I use one or more other energy healing modalities. How will that work with Sound Reiki?

    Sound Reiki complements all healing modalities.

Are you joining us?


Prerequisite: Sound Reiki Level 1