You can change the frequency you are projecting and heal your life

  • Are you absorbing other people’s energy and looking for a way to clear it instantly?

  • Are you discouraged by disappointing relationships?

  • Would you like to create a new path to success?

  • Are you interested in adding sound and vibration to your healing practice and don’t know where to start?

  • Do you believe you have more healing gifts to awaken and take to another level?

Did You Know That Your Voice Can Be a Powerful Healing Instrument?

Catherine Varga and Heather Hannan, international Soul Healers, Ascension Masters and Reiki Masters are Founders of the Sound Reiki Institute and creators of Sound Reiki®.

We love working with life force and universal energies. Although effective, Reiki and other energy healing modalities can take a lot of time and special equipment. We sought a way to move energy instantly and to work multi-dimensionally for deeper and faster results.

Everything in the universe is in a constant state of vibration. That means that every part of YOU — physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, even your body’s energy field – EVERYTHING – has an ideal vibrational frequency that creates YOUR state of health and wellbeing.

Through our understanding of sound and light codes and how everything resonates to a vibrational frequency, we found that, with vocal tones, we were able to move healing energy faster.

The result was more healing for our clients in a shorter period of time. 

Adding voice meant that we were able to move energy at will, multi-dimensionally, instantly.

This unique sound healing technique quickly shifts vibrational frequencies to healthy levels. We also found that this energy healing was equally effective in-person and remotely.

As we continued using sound vibrational energy in our healing practices we gained mastery and then one day something close to home happened. A health issue came up with Heather that put Sound Reiki healing to a very personal test. Heather was diagnosed with breast cancer. Together we applied the principles we had learned using vibration and the sacred sounds of our voices to move energy and promote healing throughout her treatment.

Heather was able to continue working and teaching as she did surgery, chemo, and radiation. Neither her students nor clients were aware of what she was going through. Using sound, Heather and I aligned her frequency to positive results and minimal side effects and we were able to transmute negative reactions to the treatment she received. This resulted in remarkable healing and Heather has been cancer-free since 2013. 

Since then we have continued to expand Sound Reiki Institute’s reach for self-healing and to teach the power of vibration for energy healing. We are committed to teaching innovative, cutting-edge techniques to guide you to access your personal power and expand your intuitive abilities, promoting self-development and personal growth. 

“I enjoyed all the information and really loved the healing meditation. The calming, relaxed state that I experienced was wonderful, especially after finishing a job. The day after I did the videos great things began happening for me. I started receiving more calls from prospective clients and received a referral for exactly the type of work I was looking for. I felt more confident about myself after the negativity left my soul and have more faith and control in my future. I can move forward with more strength and confidence now. Thank you, for giving me that extra step up in my life.”
Debra Bedford, Professional Organizer

Discover how to increase your personal healing power

In the Power of Vibration series, you'll learn...
  • Why vibration and frequency are critical to your success.

  • Tips you can use every day to easily raise your vibration to get to the frequency that attracts happiness and success.

  • How to use the sound of your voice to raise your vibration, reduce anxiety and stress and quickly take back your power.

  • How to use the technique of raising your vibration with your voice to expand your intuitive gifts and attract positive situations into your life.

  • The Power of Vibration program also includes a Sound Reiki® healing that you can use to align and balance your energy, clear attachments and raise your vibration.

“What an incredible piece of work! These videos helped me so much, you just can't imagine how lifted up I feel right now. Just thinking about recent struggles and how I overcame them is creating a higher vibration already. Thank you!”
Cat O’Donnell, Reiki Practitioner

The Power of Vibration, Change Your Vibration - Heal your Life

Program Overview

Video 1 – Change Your Vibration, Heal Your Life

The key to all success is your vibration, and your vibration is a vital component of energy healing. Learn how vibrational frequency works and how it can benefit you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Learn six tips on how to keep your vibration high and how to integrate this valuable information into a daily practice to attract happiness and success.

Video 2 – Chakras and the Vibration of Well-Being

Receive an introduction to a unique perspective on Chakras and how they affect well-being and what you manifest in your life. Develop an understanding of the messages and information your Chakras can reveal about your life.

Discover how energetic attachments can affect each of your Chakras.

Learn a meditation that you can do to balance your chakras.

Video 3 – Healing Power of Sound

Learn how sound and your sacred healing voice can change your vibration and balance your energy. 

Receive a transformational aligning and balancing Sound Reiki Healing Meditation from Catherine Varga, a creator of Sound Reiki, to remove energy blocks. This healing will raise your vibrational frequency, promote health and well being and awaken you to a new feeling of grounded calmness.

Discover How to Use Your Voice as a Tool of Self-Empowerment

  • Understand the power of vibration and how you can use it to attract more of what you want.

  • Learn how a low vibration affects your chakras.

  • Receive a free energy aligning and balancing to clear your attachments and to promote feelings of wellbeing and peace.

  • Learn how to instantly shift your mood and start your day in a place of calm and joy.

What People Are Saying

“Thank you so much again. I am finding these sessions to be so positive, uplifting and educational and feel that they are truly providing me with the tools that I need at this point in my life. I am so inspired by the sincerity and work that you both offer to the world.”

Christian Brown, Personal Trainer

“I’ve been having trouble sleeping and, after watching the Power of Vibration videos, I set an intention last night before bed, to sleep all the way through. I slept through the night! And even through a tough day, I was able to maintain a high vibration and rise above it all!”

Scott Ramsay, Artist, Wonky Frog Studio